Welcome to The Box

The Crossfit Hijacked Ethos

We know CrossFit can be a scary word to the uninitiated and we've seen plenty of evidence to validate that fear.
We're different - we're focused on helping you become the strongest version of yourself by your own definition.
We're not trying to create a legion of toned Baywatch extras - we're genuine about helping you holistically improve
yourself by focussing on your physical AND mental conditioning.
We're not saying it's going to be easy or that our box is any less driven or challenging - we're just saying we're here to work with you to help you achieve results that will make you happier.
Meet Our Trainers

Meet Our Trainers


A true leader with an undeniable passion for giving to others. As owner and co-creator of CrossFit Hijacked, Nathan sets the tone for the lifestyle paradigm shift that is upon us. To Nathan, there’s no such thing as a limit. No goal is too ambitious, whether it’s losing 5kgs, 30kgs or changing direction in your life, Nathan will take you there.


There are no limits for this kick-ass chick. Ashlee pushes all boundaries from the Korean K-1 kickboxing arena, training camps in Thailand to the rugged terrain of the Blue Mountains North Face100 (one of the toughest ultra-marathons in Australia). There isn’t much this amazing human can’t do. Her inner strength and self-determination drive her clients to dig deep and unleash their hidden potential.


Don’t let the 2nd Dan Black Belt fool you - this experienced Exercise Physiologist can brag about her creative sand art skills, fire twirling and a superhuman sense of smell where no food is safe in her proximity. (You’ve been warned!) Her desire to be an unstoppable version of herself is contagious, and clients at Hijacked HQ love Chloe’s gentle encouragement and support to make the impossible possible.