A Few Words From Our Members

Don't believe the hype and don't take it from us - here's what our members have to say about CrossFit Hijacked...

Hands down the best place I have ever trained. An amazing community of people from all walks of life who all bring something different and unique to the table. 

The thing that sets hijacked apart is that everywhere else has coaches who instruct you on how to get better but hijacked has amazing coaches that INSPIRE you to get better. Welcoming of people of all abilities and everyone feels part of the community. An amazing place full of amazing people.

- Wombat Bannon

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to join CrossfFt Hijacked. The trainers are amazing and supportive and celebrate your improvements and achievements as much as you do. The team will be there cheering you on every time! 

- Renee Walker

"Love the community vibe that is going on at CrossFit Hijacked. Everyone is made to feel welcome and a part of the team and the most important aspect is the fun you have when you walk through the doors. "

- Chris Bateup

"The best in town by far, Nathan and his group of merry Pirates will get you in a great place mentally and physically in no time."

- Jimbo